The Truth…Poop Happens


Oh yea, it’s happened- more than once unfortunately. And I know it’s happened to many of you, we just don’t like to talk about it. Totally disgusting, I know. The truth is often unpleasant like that haha.

I remember when it happened with my first child, Number One. She went to hide under the table to do her business, and so I gave her some privacy for a couple minutes – when I went to change her I was greeted with a grin- a grin with a doo doo ball between her teeth. The grin didn’t last, thankfully it turned quickly to distaste. At least she didn’t like it. Jeez.

Honestly, as a first time Mom I was completely traumatized. I called the doctor and everything. Her pediatrician assured me that she was going to be just fine, and I eventually recovered.

When it happened again with the twins, Number Two and Number Three, I survived with a far less dramatic reaction – disgust mixed with a touch of humor and lots and lots of washing. And I’m sure it will happen again with Number Four one day.

As parents, we deal with a lot of really disgusting stuff- the levels can vary, but it happens to us all. But the kids survive, we survive – that’s just how it goes. Remember, poop happens. That’s the truth.


I’m Alive!

Finally FINALLY I am coming out of my sick haze. I got rid of the stomach flu last week only to replace it with a serious head cold. Needless to say I have had zero motivation for nearly two weeks! It’s been driving me crazy too-the laundry piling up, the toys staying scattered across the house. Ugh!

Today though I am feeling sooo much better! I’ve actually started to make my way through all of the chores neglected in the past weeks. It still amazes me how much laundry accumulates in just a few days between the hubby, myself, and the kids. It feels like it is never done- probably because it isn’t ever completely done. You tell yourself, “Today I’ll get thru it all – every last piece will be washed, dried,  folded and put away.” Right. I think we all know the unliklihood of that actually happening. Even if we by some miracle get it all done there will still be some left over somewhere that isn’t enough to make a load.

For my own health and sanity I accept that. It is ok. I’m just happy to finally have the energy to play with my kids and at least get the basics done.


2 sick toddlers+1 sick newborn+1 hyper toddler+1 sick husband=1 worn out mommy, copious amounts of laundry and unending surfaces to disinfect. Ugh.
A few days ago I came down with a horrific stomach virus and had to go to the emergency room due to severe dehydration. Now, on Day 3 the whole household has been overturned other than my peppy oldest toddler. It’s been a rough few days to say the least. Everyone has been going through several outfits a day so you can imagine how much laundry I’m trying to get thru. The whole house looks like a tornado went off, and I am just so exhausted.
I keep telling myself we will make it through this! We will make it, we will.

I did it AGAIN

Well, I have managed to do it again. I am so sorry everyone for not posting recently but my fourth child decided to make an early debut during the beginning of February. All is well though and he is healthy as can be-thank goodness!

I swear I started having lower back pain just like I did with the twins and after about  a week of irregular contractions they suddenly became regular and the hubby and I were off to the hospital.  When we got there I was only dilated 1cm and 48 hours later with regular strong contractions I was only dilated about 1.5cm.  And let me tell you 48 hours in a hospital is no picnic-especially when you are contracting, waiting and wondering what is going on with your body and your little one. I thought I was going to go completely nuts. They couldn’t induce me because of my previous cesarean with the twins so after 48 hours with no food, no water, and no sleep we discussed it with the doctor on duty and agreed to another cesarean later that morning.
Wooo! What a relief to know he would be here soon! Everything went relatively smoothly after the decision was made-other than what they made me drink to keep my stomach calm actually made me want to puke-go figure.  No problems in the operating room except for some reason this time after I recieved my spinal I had a mild-ish panic attack-i never really understood why but the anesthesiologist warned me it could happen and when it did in fact happen he simply worked a little bit more of his magic and all was well by the time my hubby joined my side and the OB began his work.

I was so relieved to see the eyes of our little guy as the doctor held him over the sheet and even more so to hear his strong cries. No time was spent in the NICU this time around, thankfully. Not an hour after delivery he joined me in the recovery room and I was able to breastfeed him succesfully while my husband ran home to check on our other munchkins, and after only two more nights we got to go home.