I’m Alive!

Finally FINALLY I am coming out of my sick haze. I got rid of the stomach flu last week only to replace it with a serious head cold. Needless to say I have had zero motivation for nearly two weeks! It’s been driving me crazy too-the laundry piling up, the toys staying scattered across the house. Ugh!

Today though I am feeling sooo much better! I’ve actually started to make my way through all of the chores neglected in the past weeks. It still amazes me how much laundry accumulates in just a few days between the hubby, myself, and the kids. It feels like it is never done- probably because it isn’t ever completely done. You tell yourself, “Today I’ll get thru it all – every last piece will be washed, dried,  folded and put away.” Right. I think we all know the unliklihood of that actually happening. Even if we by some miracle get it all done there will still be some left over somewhere that isn’t enough to make a load.

For my own health and sanity I accept that. It is ok. I’m just happy to finally have the energy to play with my kids and at least get the basics done.


15 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. It is great that you are feeling better! Yes, mommy duties are never ending and we sometimes as moms have to accept that it is ok that some are not done in the time that we would like.


  2. Laundry…it seems just as I have finished folding the very last item, I see some dirty sock underneath a chair or a little grass-stained sweater and for a split second I get annoyed…until I remember laundry is never done. It is just another cycle. I am happy you got to play with your kiddos and are feeling better.


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