The Truth…Poop Happens


Oh yea, it’s happened- more than once unfortunately. And I know it’s happened to many of you, we just don’t like to talk about it. Totally disgusting, I know. The truth is often unpleasant like that haha.

I remember when it happened with my first child, Number One. She went to hide under the table to do her business, and so I gave her some privacy for a couple minutes – when I went to change her I was greeted with a grin- a grin with a doo doo ball between her teeth. The grin didn’t last, thankfully it turned quickly to distaste. At least she didn’t like it. Jeez.

Honestly, as a first time Mom I was completely traumatized. I called the doctor and everything. Her pediatrician assured me that she was going to be just fine, and I eventually recovered.

When it happened again with the twins, Number Two and Number Three, I survived with a far less dramatic reaction – disgust mixed with a touch of humor and lots and lots of washing. And I’m sure it will happen again with Number Four one day.

As parents, we deal with a lot of really disgusting stuff- the levels can vary, but it happens to us all. But the kids survive, we survive – that’s just how it goes. Remember, poop happens. That’s the truth.


5 thoughts on “The Truth…Poop Happens

  1. I totally understand for some reason my first child use to paint the walls with his poop . He would take his diaper off and smear it everywhere before I would get up to change him. I never had that issues luckily with the other two ..just yucky!

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