Laugh at Yourself


This morning I’ve been so productive! And I’ve been a little proud of myself actually – upbeat attitude, happy munchkins, laundry underway. Oh yea, I’m going to accomplish the entire to-do list today, that’s right. 😉

It was after I loaded the dryer when it happened. I turned the knob to “Automatic-More Dry” and hit “Start”— and nothing. It would start. I checked to make sure the adjustment knob wasn’t turned to far one way…I hit “Start” again- nothing. Again I pressed the button in desperation- no such luck. How could this happen? Four kids and a husband that often comes home covered in a sawdust and mud mixture- why me? 

I just stared at the offensive appliance for probably two minutes. How could you do this to me? Haven’t I been good to you? I actually read your obnoxious manual and clean your lint filter religiously! –I felt so betrayed.

I climbed on top of the traitor to peek behind and make sure the cord was plugged in appropriately, and undamaged. Fine- not a single part was out of place. Frustrated and very aware of the wet clothes staring back at me inside, I climbed back down, glared at my now enemy, then went in search of my phone.

After two very upset messages to my husband I faced off with the traitor once again. Sighing in exasperation and staring at those wet clothes, I contemplated what I could do. It was supposed to rain all day so hanging them outside wasn’t an option. Maybe I could hang them on the shower rods in the bathrooms? Maybe, maybe. I stood there thinking for probably five minutes, wondering how long it would take to be fixed, if it could be fixed, and how much a new machine would cost us.

Thats when I saw it. The source of my troubles. In front of me, plain as day, the entire time. 

The door was open. The DOOR was OPEN.

Are you freaking kidding me?


Quickly, I text my husband “crisis averted”- and wondered if it would be immoral to tell him when he inevitably asked that I had pushed the plug back in to the socket. Can I do that?

Another sigh, I knew I would confess to him my blunder.

Again, a sigh, another pregnancy brain moment.

Yes, it does exist- pregnancy brain or momnesia affects many women starting in the first trimester and lasting for sometimes months after delivery. From the hormones to the stress, lack of sleep, and intense multitasking it does have an impact on our usual functionality. It’s incredibly frustrating – don’t mommies have enough to worry about?

To the other moms suffering out there, know you’re not alone – and to those blissfully untainted – take pity, be nice, and give a mom a hug.

Remember ladies – don’t forget to see the humor in it all. Put a sticky note on the fridge if need be. Laugh. 😉


Smiles & Chaos


A lot can be said for a positive attitude. The power of positive energy has definitely helped me maintain my sanity with four little ones. Making a point to smile more and laugh more often has really kept me in a better mood throughout the day – through marker on walls and screaming tugs of war between twins over toys.

Seriously, I get stressed sometimes through all of it but it doesn’t consume me like it did before. I’ve made time to do a short little exercise routine every day whenever I get a moment.

—I have fallen in LOVE with the 30 Day Challenges app. I pick a couple challenges and they only take a few minutes, if that. They’re perfect for someone who has extremely limited free time, and zero previous experience LOL.—

Anyway, making time for exercise and keeping the positive vibes going has made me feel so much better about myself. I don’t feel so overwhelmed when things get a little crazy during the day. And you know what? My positive attitude has rubbed off on the kids. After all they do pick up on our moods- if we’re in a bad mood isn’t it likely they’re going to end up being fussier? And vice versa?

My affirmation is that I will stay positive and smile through all of the beautiful chaos that is motherhood.

Ok to be Selfish?


Good morning folks! It has been a super busy Easter holiday! We not only had all of the usual Easter festivities but a family reunion as well. The kids had a blast though! To be honest even through all of the craziness I had a fabulous time too.

I’m finally getting back into the swing of things postpartum, and after that awful stomach flu. Thank goodness! I’ve missed having the energy to actually accomplish things. That is one of the reasons why at my postpartum follow up last week I chose to go on depo provera. After three consecutive pregnancies so close together- I’m just plain tired of being pregnant. Yes, I said it.

I loved carrying each of my children but I most certainly didn’t love the back pain, the vomiting, the exhaustion, the hemorrhoids- shall I continue? But most of all I truly hated not having the energy, and sometimes ability to run around and be as active with my kids as I would have liked. I thank God every single day for blessing my husband and I with four beautiful healthy children. We have just decided it is best for our family to stop now.

Now I want to focus on my four munchkins and being the best mommy I can. They deserve my all. It is also time for me to get back to writing and furthering my professional goals. Some might call that selfish but that’s ok. It’s ok and actually essential to being a good mom to be a tiny bit selfish. It is ok to do for you from time to time. If you’re not happy, you can’t be the best you for your kids. Right now I’m focusing on them, being a WAHM, and being a happier healthier me for them– AND for me– and that’s OK.