Ok to be Selfish?


Good morning folks! It has been a super busy Easter holiday! We not only had all of the usual Easter festivities but a family reunion as well. The kids had a blast though! To be honest even through all of the craziness I had a fabulous time too.

I’m finally getting back into the swing of things postpartum, and after that awful stomach flu. Thank goodness! I’ve missed having the energy to actually accomplish things. That is one of the reasons why at my postpartum follow up last week I chose to go on depo provera. After three consecutive pregnancies so close together- I’m just plain tired of being pregnant. Yes, I said it.

I loved carrying each of my children but I most certainly didn’t love the back pain, the vomiting, the exhaustion, the hemorrhoids- shall I continue? But most of all I truly hated not having the energy, and sometimes ability to run around and be as active with my kids as I would have liked. I thank God every single day for blessing my husband and I with four beautiful healthy children. We have just decided it is best for our family to stop now.

Now I want to focus on my four munchkins and being the best mommy I can. They deserve my all. It is also time for me to get back to writing and furthering my professional goals. Some might call that selfish but that’s ok. It’s ok and actually essential to being a good mom to be a tiny bit selfish. It is ok to do for you from time to time. If you’re not happy, you can’t be the best you for your kids. Right now I’m focusing on them, being a WAHM, and being a happier healthier me for them– AND for me– and that’s OK.


10 thoughts on “Ok to be Selfish?

  1. I always failed miserably in this area (and still do). 90% of my thoughts are consumed with my family and their needs. I put myself last or skip “me” altogether. I have found that if I balance that a bit more in my favor, I am more productive, more relaxed and more pleasant when things don’t go as planned.

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    • I know what you mean. I have seriously struggled with this too, and when I did think of myself I would end up feeling so guilty – but I’ve been trying so hard to, like you said, balance it all- and now that I’m doing a bit better the kids and I (and hubby too!) are so much happier!


  2. Oh my goodness, that is why I started blogging! I wanted something of my own, no one else.. A time to vent, a time to grow, a time to reflect.. Plus gain some awesome new friends!! Great post, loved it.

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  3. I get what you mean. I found out that I still need to take precautions for the hemorrhoids, so I became really possessive of my high-fiber cereal. Any time I do something for myself, it must be of benefit to my family as well. That’s just how I am.


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