Smiles & Chaos


A lot can be said for a positive attitude. The power of positive energy has definitely helped me maintain my sanity with four little ones. Making a point to smile more and laugh more often has really kept me in a better mood throughout the day – through marker on walls and screaming tugs of war between twins over toys.

Seriously, I get stressed sometimes through all of it but it doesn’t consume me like it did before. I’ve made time to do a short little exercise routine every day whenever I get a moment.

—I have fallen in LOVE with the 30 Day Challenges app. I pick a couple challenges and they only take a few minutes, if that. They’re perfect for someone who has extremely limited free time, and zero previous experience LOL.—

Anyway, making time for exercise and keeping the positive vibes going has made me feel so much better about myself. I don’t feel so overwhelmed when things get a little crazy during the day. And you know what? My positive attitude has rubbed off on the kids. After all they do pick up on our moods- if we’re in a bad mood isn’t it likely they’re going to end up being fussier? And vice versa?

My affirmation is that I will stay positive and smile through all of the beautiful chaos that is motherhood.


5 thoughts on “Smiles & Chaos

  1. jehdld says:

    Your are so right. Our kids absolutely pick up on our moods especially when we are stressed. I will have to check out the 30 Day Challenges app. It sounds interesting. Thanks for the reminder to stay positive.

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