Laugh at Yourself


This morning I’ve been so productive! And I’ve been a little proud of myself actually – upbeat attitude, happy munchkins, laundry underway. Oh yea, I’m going to accomplish the entire to-do list today, that’s right. πŸ˜‰

It was after I loaded the dryer when it happened. I turned the knob to “Automatic-More Dry” and hit “Start”— and nothing. It would start. I checked to make sure the adjustment knob wasn’t turned to far one way…I hit “Start” again- nothing. Again I pressed the button in desperation- no such luck. How could this happen? Four kids and a husband that often comes home covered in a sawdust and mud mixture- why me?Β 

I just stared at the offensive appliance for probably two minutes. How could you do this to me? Haven’t I been good to you? I actually read your obnoxious manual and clean your lint filter religiously! –I felt so betrayed.

I climbed on top of the traitor to peek behind and make sure the cord was plugged in appropriately, and undamaged. Fine- not a single part was out of place. Frustrated and very aware of the wet clothes staring back at me inside, I climbed back down, glared at my now enemy, then went in search of my phone.

After two very upset messages to my husband I faced off with the traitor once again. Sighing in exasperation and staring at those wet clothes, I contemplated what I could do. It was supposed to rain all day so hanging them outside wasn’t an option. Maybe I could hang them on the shower rods in the bathrooms? Maybe, maybe. I stood there thinking for probably five minutes, wondering how long it would take to be fixed, if it could be fixed, and how much a new machine would cost us.

Thats when I saw it. The source of my troubles. In front of me, plain as day, the entire time.Β 

The door was open. The DOOR was OPEN.

Are you freaking kidding me?


Quickly, I text my husband “crisis averted”- and wondered if it would be immoral to tell him when he inevitably asked that I had pushed the plug back in to the socket. Can I do that?

Another sigh, I knew I would confess to him my blunder.

Again, a sigh, another pregnancy brain moment.

Yes, it does exist- pregnancy brain or momnesia affects many women starting in the first trimester and lasting for sometimes months after delivery. From the hormones to the stress, lack of sleep, and intense multitasking it does have an impact on our usual functionality. It’s incredibly frustrating – don’t mommies have enough to worry about?

To the other moms suffering out there, know you’re not alone – and to those blissfully untainted – take pity, be nice, and give a mom a hug.

Remember ladies – don’t forget to see the humor in it all. Put a sticky note on the fridge if need be. Laugh. πŸ˜‰


22 thoughts on “Laugh at Yourself

  1. mamacarmody says:

    Well, I’m in my mid-fifties and way past pregnancy brain but I can so relate! Just yesterday, I walked downstairs and the gentleman we rent from spoke to me and I responded. That’s all it took. I stood there looking around the room with this dumb look on my face. He started laughing because he could tell by my expression that I had no idea why I had come downstairs.


  2. jehdld says:

    Glad it was an easy fix. I’ve done things like that probably more often than I want admit and it does make it a bit better if you can laugh at yourself about it.

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  3. Oh my goodness this made me laugh!!
    I’ve had moments like this myself! haha

    I had one with the washing machine where I couldn’t for the life of me open the door. Only for me to realise after a lot of trying and hassle, that I had forgotten to turn it *off* haha


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  4. Oh man I suffered horrible momnesia while pregnant! It got down right dangerous while driving I would stop at green lights and go at red. My brain was moosh! Good luck and be careful, oh and close the dryer door πŸ˜‰

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  5. I’ve been there! Can I still claim momnesia even though I’m not pregnant? I once searched frantically for my phone only to realize minutes later that Oh yeah I’m on it talking to my sister. Yeah, I was THAT girl πŸ™‚ Glad your dryer worked. There’s nothing worse than having to tap into the budget to fix or replace expensive appliances.

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  6. I can so relate to this! Last week I must have lost my marbles. I failed to start the dryer 3 times. 3 in one week. I would go to switch the wash to the dryer and open it to find wet clothes. You just have to laugh at yourself. And give yourself grace! Mama’s wear a lot of hats!!


  7. Haha this is great! I have so been there. Favorite part…”I just stared at the offensive appliance for probably two minutes. How could you do this to me? Haven’t I been good to you? I actually read your obnoxious manual and clean your lint filter religiously! –I felt so betrayed.” Great post!

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  8. Hahaha! I just did this the other day. I kept hitting start and it was beeping back at me. I was yelling at it, and then I realized the door was open. I am not pregnant, but I am convinced some of my brain cells went to my kids.


  9. I think the pregnancy brain does not go away. I have done this with appliances, electronics, shoes, handbags, etc. My kids have had to tell me numerous of time about how I was looking over things lol


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