Tomorrow vs. Today


Everyone has certain ideals they set for themselves-different achievements they’d like to reach.  I myself have battled with self-esteem since adolescence.  I want so badly to have confidence in myself-in who I am and what I do and, yes, how I look.

I’ve decided to make a conciencious decision to take active steps to love and be proud of myself.  If I don’t make the effort nothing will ever change.  It is past time to do something about how I feel.

I’ve already made steps to better my organization and productivity to improve other aspects of my life.  Now I look to my health.  No, I am not pleased with my body. Three pregnancies and four kids later I am mushy and jiggly all over.  That honestly doesn’t bother me that much.  I am so proud and blessed to have born four healthy children. I am, however, not proud that I haven’t been taking care of myself at all.  I’m not in shape by any means but I don’t eat right either. I’m not being hard on myself-some days I’ll eat a box of little debbies. Half of a family size bag of cheetos.  I don’t know why. It’s just there-I don’t even particularly like the foods I’ve been pigging out on.

I haven’t always been like this-but since my fourth child was born I’ve kind of been eating constantly-whether I’m hungry or not.  After I’ve eaten like that I feel terrible.  I recognize what I’ve been doing isn’t good for me and I want to change it.  That’s why I’m writing this. To maybe hold myself accountable. I’m officially on a journey to a happier healthier me-for me, but for my family too.

No more I’ll eat better tomorrow, I’ll take the kids to the park tomorrow.

Tomorrow isn’t acceptable. Today is the answer.


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow vs. Today

  1. I’m like that sometimes, eating too much of things I don’t even like that much, like I just want to be able to eat without watching it for a while. Sometimes it helps if I eat something like a rice cake with a lot of sriracha sauce on, which seems enough to put me off anything else for a while. But I still do too much of that!

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