Mud Puddles


The past few weeks my 18 month old twin boys have been napping poorly and climbing out of their beds when they’re supposed to be sleeping!  The terrible twos have begun haha.

I lay them down, they get back out as soon as I close the bedroom door.  This goes on and on and on for at least an hour before they finally give in to their nap. Meanwhile their older sister (32 months) and little brother (4 months) are all napping peacefully-well, not really, their sister has been pretending to nap lately. I think she is growing out of her naps.  But the twins can’t handle not napping-they get up around six and are usually falling asleep at breakfast and are ready to lay down around nine-and if they skip a nap they are extremely cranky and absolutely nothing will please them for the rest of the day. It is not pretty.

I’ve tried making them nap later in the day but it’s the same thing-and they get so tired and unhappy it’s ridiculous. So my strategy has been to increase their morning activity levels-taking them to the park if the weather is nice, which had helped some, but unfortunately the weather has been off and on storms for weeks. We’ve only managed a couple successful trips to the park. However, I found myself looking at a massive mud puddle behind our house yesterday as I listened to my munchkins fuss and fight-and I thought to myself, why not?

Now don’t get me wrong-I was not looking forward to the mess this was sure to create at all. But I knew my kids needed an outlet for their energy and I knew they were tired of being cooped up inside. So I braced myself, got everyone finished with their snacks, and out we went!

The oldest lept at the puddle without hesitation. The youngest of the twins cautiously tested the waters before diving right in after his sister.  The oldest twin watched the other two with interest, glancing at me every so often like, I don’t know about this Mommy-he eventually decided to give the puddle a shot and before long they were all running back and forth through the muddy water happily! Meanwhile the littlest munchkin observed their shenanigans from the comfort of his chair in the shade. 

When it was time to go back inside they all huddled at the door as I stripped their muddy clothes and shoes off and gingerly laid them in the washroom.  They were unhappy at having to wait to go in but thrilled to run through the house naked for a moment.

I have to say I did not enjoy the mess that this little adventure created but I absolutely loved the happy time with the kids, and I especially loved the end result-they went to bed easily and slept soundly!

I think mud puddles may be this mommy’s new best friend;)

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