I Can Do Shots


Whew! I had to take all of my munchkins to the doctors office for shots the other day. It was not fun to say the least. I had tried to time it to where my husband would be in town so I would have some back up and he could go with me but it unfortunately didn’t go as planned.

It took an hour and a half to shower quickly, get dressed, and to change four diapers, four sets of clothes, and find one pair of shoes, and load the kids into the suburban. Yes I said one pair of shoes. I knew the twins would be in their stroller and there was no point in shoes for the baby, so I basically said screw it when I couldn’t find that last pair of shoes in time.

We managed to make it to the office about four minutes late-that’s a victory in my book! Usually we’re twenty to thirty minutes late and I have the joy of being forced to wait another hour or two as punishment for my crime.  Oops.

As soon as we got checked in and seated in the waiting room my toddler started her battle of wills with me. She tried to run all over the place and go outside and sqweel randomly at me and at strangers. So I made her sit next to me. That went over so well. You would have thought the world was coming to an end. It was at that precise moment her twin brothers started whining because they wanted to get out of their stroller and run around-and the baby started whimpering because my attention wasn’t solely on him.  All of this escalated quickly into crying/screaming. You can imagine how popular this made us in the waiting room.

I tried to soothe them, distract them, bribe them-not one thing worked. Not one. The nurse came out with a chuckle to say we could come on back. They were weighed, they cried. They were measured, they cried. We went into our room, they cried. More measuring, they cried. We had to wait for the doctor, they cried. You get the picture.

When it was finally time for their shots, they had me take them one by one into another room while the nurse sat with the other three. As usual I had to hold their arms while the shots were administered. Never pleasant. Of course, they cried. In fact they cried all of the way to check out and all of the way out the front door to the truck.

Once they got into their car seats and we were headed home they finally quieted down. Still slightly traumatized from the shot experience. They did all run low grade fevers afterwards but were better the next day.

Even though the entire errand was extremely stressful and crazy- we made it. I have shied away from getting the kids out too much since my husband went back over the road but this was an important milestone for us. Yea, it sucked, but it was something that we had to get done and it showed me that I am capable of getting the important stuff accomplished with the hubby away. I can do it. Not all trips out will be bad either, some will even be fun-but if I can make it through shots for four young children on the same day I think I can definitely make it through trips to the park or grocery store.

I’ve got this. 😎


17 thoughts on “I Can Do Shots

    • LOL I don’t know about that-but, once I got everyone home and fed and in bed I just realized, “Hey! I made it through that!?” It boosted my confidence, even though it wasn’t exactly pleasant lol.


  1. I remember–and miss–those days. It amazes me to think of all the places I went and things I did with a four-year-old, a one-year-old, and a newborn. But you can’t let yourself be intimidated into getting stuck at home. You did it, and the more you do it the easier it gets (not VERY easy, but easier!!).

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  2. Allison (funfamily.vacations) says:

    Shots are hard. We have been doing Allergy shots for our 5 year old and he received 12 shots a week for almost two months. He is down to 3-6 each month and every time we go it is a challenge. I know how stressful it is! Sometimes he is calm and sometimes, like today, he kicks and screams. Hang in there Mama! You are very brave to do shots for more than one in the same day.

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