Monday Meeting


This week I will be taking a bit of a new approach to my writing. We will see if making an outline will help keep me on track and productive! I certainly hope so 🙂

I have already started the week with an opinion piece regarding the recent topics flooding the media including gun rights, the confederate flag, and LGBTQ issues. In the past I have shied away from such pieces but I think I will try to be more involved in current affairs to improve my writing.

I also plan on doing a piece regarding my little army of munchkins. This I hope to devote at least a post or two a week to. It will cover what’s going on in my particular world of mommyhood and how my cuties are doing and what mischief they have been getting up to. I’ll discuss the typical things parents deal with from the perspective my kids have afforded me.

Additionally, I embarked on a quest last week to a happier and healthier me. From now on I will do an update of my progress each week and discuss my troubles as well as successes-and take a look at what changes have really helped me and what hasn’t. 

One of my goals this year is to read a book a week. I really enjoy reading and need to make time for it again, so as I finish each book, I will review it and share tips and tricks for making the time for myself as well as how I feel when I do make the time.

There will also be at least one post about household management and  maybe a recipe or two! On top of everything else I plan on devoting a post a week to my husband and our marriage. Any troubles we may have I would like to share with you and take a look at how we make it through them.

Hopefully outlining my ideas for the week will keep the motivation high and help me stay organized!

Happy writing and reading to you all!


4 thoughts on “Monday Meeting

  1. Pinspiration Mommy says:

    I really need to start creating a weekly planning schedule for my blog, thanks for sharing yours. Hopefully this will motivate me to plan out my next week’s worth of posts!

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