Potties, Teeth, & Pumping Woes


My goodness! Potty training my two and a half year old daughter has proven to be very stressful yet equally entertaining. We have a potty seat to put on top of the toilet with a stool and a stand alone potty chair.  The first, she doesn’t like because, I believe, she is so high up and her little tush is still kind of narrow for the seat so she doesn’t feel as comfortable. She would still need my help to climb up there even with the stool and ice she sat down she would latch on to me for dear life. Not the best experience.

So my husband and I bought the standalone potty chair. She clearly feels more comfortable on this chair, however it has presented it’s own fun-filled problems. The main one is she wants to sit on it all day. She never actually uses it-she just sits there. As soon as she stands up however she usually has an accident. I do my best not to show her my frustration and I always encourage her without being pushy- I think.  She refuses to wear diapers or pull ups now, so we bought a bunch of those fabric training pants for girls from Walmart. No problem there-except she likes to take them off when she has an accident and run around the house naked like a crazy girl haha. Yesterday, she walked out of her room while I was nursing her brother and, butt naked mind you, said, “Here’s my poopies Mommy. I nakie!” She handed me her doo doo ball filled panties and proceeded to run around the living room squeeling. I don’t want to teach her to be ashamed of her body but I am having a hard time getting her to understand she can’t just run around without clothes on. I know it will all improve in time. Someday.

Meanwhile, the twins are having some serious issues teething. I feel so bad for them. They both have a few trying to come through but so far only one a piece has slightly broken through the surface. They are pretty much cranky all of the time these days, especially with fighting their naps and missing their Daddy while he is on the road. Orajel doesn’t really seem to be helping them. It stinks. I hate to give them tylenol or ibuprofen too often but they have needed it more than once this week. Poor babies. The nap situation I have all but given up on. Sometimes they will take a  afternoon nap now- and their moods are noticeably improved but those days are few. Sigh.

Lastly, my littlest man is getting bigger and loves nursing, of course! He is doing really well with it and I haven’t been having any issues, but he had started to drool buckets and I can see two teeny tiny teeth just under the skin on the bottom row. Truthfully I’ve never breastfed any of my kids after they had teeth come in. I pumped and supplemented with our daughter and the twins unfortunately were formula fed. I don’t really know what to expect. I don’t really want to stop right now. I would like to pump though, but I have been having some issues in that department. Mainly finding the time with the other three running about.

Lots going on in our household! It can be stressful at times but I wouldn’t trade a second. I know we will make it through all of these trials. It just takes time.


3 thoughts on “Potties, Teeth, & Pumping Woes

  1. Great job following through with your commitment! I know it’s hard; I personally haven’t been able to keep up my blog due to having to sync schedules with seven others on top of fulltime work. I figured you should be aware that your dedication is noticed and even admired.

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