Just a Touch of Courage Pt. 2


I have had some ups and downs over the past week with my journey to a healthy and happy me! For the most part I can honestly say I feel like I did pretty good for the first week. How did the sugar detox go? Well…

Ha! It wasn’t that bad, but I definitely struggled more than I thought I would. I have discovered a great weakness for peanut butter pop tarts and soda. It’s pretty darn hard when you see that can of soda sitting there in the fridge…so cold…so sweet…ugh! Then, those peanut butter pop tarts taste like Reeses Pieces to me! Sigh. I wasn’t to terrible but I did slip a couple times. BUT I did drink a ton of water, which is something I have been terrible about in the past. Go me!

Also, I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. I have to say Day 1 and Day 2 really busted my butt. I ached pretty much everywhere. It gave me a small sense of pride and accomplishment. Even though I can’t see any major changes yet, it gave me a sort of noticeable evidence of my effort. It felt good-it was rough, but it felt good. I am finally doing something about my health issues. I did have two days where I didn’t complete the DVD. One of the days my husband was able to come home and we were spending quality time with the kids, and the other I was assaulted by a sinus infection and unfortunate lack of sleep from the night before, because kids had trouble sleeping.

Though I have had some setbacks during Week 1, I have refused to allow those things to get me down. I am making improvements. It is a work in progress after all. Already I have been feeling better and my energy levels have improved. I can only feel better from here!

I’ve noticed too that although the workout is difficult for me, it really does get easier each day. I’m taking the positive from last week with me on to Week 2! I’m going to give the detox another go, and I am thinking about adding another workout. I would really like to walk with the kids in the park, but that has some complications. The twins would be in the double stroller, which they really enjoy, and the baby would be in the carrier on my chest, which he enjoys but the last time I tried to walk the course, our daughter walked alongside me and stayed with me at first. Eventually though the test of wills began and she started to refuse to stay with me. Looking back I wish we had  chosen that triple stroller for our baby registry instead of the double. Oh well. I’m not sure about getting one now either. Before you know it she will be out of the stroller era anyway. We’ll see. Maybe I will give the walk another shot tomorrow and just see how it goes.

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Just a Touch of Courage Pt. 2

  1. I’m very lucky that I never got to like soda! I do like fizzy water though and some of those are flavoured – maybe you could try those instead? Get them cold enough in the fridge and you might not even notice the difference 🙂

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