Naps & Twins Co-Sleeping


Never underestimate the value of a good night's sleep-or that of a nap. Never. - @mom_chronicle

Trying to figure out my twin boys new internal schedule is driving me nuts.

They won’t take their 9am nap anymore so I have been trying a nap after lunch. I thought it would work because they began to fall asleep after they ate their such luck-at least at first. As soon as I laid them down in their beds, it’s like I hit the super crazy hyped up toddler button. To top it off they are ridiculously cranky.

My poor little men.

Their older sister is doing well with her afternoon nap/quiet time-she doesn’t always nap now that she has gotten older but she does like to lay down and watch a movie in the afternoon. And of course my littlest man is napping off and on throughout the day. He is five months old now. 

I hate to see the twins so cranky and miserable. Teething doesn’t help one bit either. I’m hoping the teething ends and their internal schedules balance out soon. In the meantime I try to give them lots of love and cuddles.

In addition to the current issues, the oldest of the twins has been climbing into the others bed at night and sometimes during naps. This is about the only time any sleep has been happening.  Their beds are right across from one another but they seem to really need the closeness right now. I believe it has to do with my husband being back on the road.

I suppose their is no harm in it. They obviously need to be close right now, and they definitely need the sleep to combat the teething issues. Oh my, I hope their teeth break through soon. I know the whole house will be relieved when they do!


8 thoughts on “Naps & Twins Co-Sleeping

  1. Oh sleep…. for the first few years of motherhood I kept reading more and more books on sleeping hoping to find a magic formula that will make my kids SLEEP. I finally figured out little children are not made for sleeping. Little children are for keeping parents awake… This revelation doesn’t help me get more sleep, but it does help me to feel better about it. Good luck!

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