Epilepsy Diagnosis…Now What?


Any diagnosis of a serious illness is terrifying-even the possibility can scare the crap out of you. In some ways though, I was actually relieved.

No, I am not happy about having epilepsy, however I am so grateful to know what is wrong with me. The first three doctors I went to treated me like it was all in my head-like I was some over dramatic attention seeker. Do you have any idea how damaging that can be to a person? It really breaks you down.

Finally when we made it to Jackson and they admitted me right away so they could do tests I was so defeated I cried- I was just so grateful they were willing to actually run tests. Nobody else had. I felt like nobody cared.

As I laid in the testing room after the EEG was completed, with the technician removing the wires from my head, I worried that they wouldn’t find anything. That I would be discharged with more questions than I had when I came in. When the neurologist came in, and told me he found something- l laughed. Yea I was so down and so convinced I’d be turned away with nothing. The relief that washed over me was shocking.

Now as I sit here and wait, counting down the days until I go back to Jackson, I find myself afraid. Yes, I was happy-relieved to get the initial diagnosis but it doesn’t just end there.  More answers are needed, more tests need to be done. I have even more questions. Will I have another seizure even on the meds? What caused my epilepsy? Will I ever be able to drive again? The questions go on and on.

I have no choice but to stay strong, be patient, and keep faith that everything is going to be alright.


3 thoughts on “Epilepsy Diagnosis…Now What?

  1. First off, the blog is beautiful! All the pics blend so nice with the background color. I hope you get some concrete answers about your epilepsy. I have a friend whose daughter has it and it is quite a roller coaster for them.

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