New Year, New…Something?

Hello everyone!

Are you all ready for the new year? I am pretty sure most of us are READY to bid farewell to 2016. I myself will not miss it one bit. It was definitely a struggle but I made it through, and would like to think I am better for it.

So, today I am contemplating changing the title/theme/vision for the blog.  I love the Mom Chronicle idea in theory but something about it just doesn’t feel right. You know what I mean? Do you ever get that feeling sometimes that, while nothing is necessarily wrong, something just doesn’t quite fit?? Yes?

I feel as though the title forces my readers to focus on the word “Mom”-and, you see, I don’t like that—that’s just not all of what I am and what I want to talk about….sure being a Mom is a MAJOR part of who I am and what I do but that’s just not the entirety of, well, me.

I don’t know, maybe it is the new year making me all…contemplative.


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