Flags vs. Hearts


Normally I don’t participate in these types of debates, but I feel this has gotten utterly ridiculous.

Do you really believe making some flags acceptable, and others unacceptable is going to change anything? Honestly? It is not going to change a damn thing. LGBTQ will never be normal for some people let alone their right to marry. There will always be those who support the Confederate flag, as well as those who despise it, and some people will always be against guns, while others will forever hate them.

I am a Catholic, blue-collar, Conservative, Republican woman, wife, and mother of four. Be offended if you are truly ignorant but before you make assumptions about me, my views, and where I come from, I suggest you think twice.

Am I racist? No.

Am I a bigot? No

I do not raise my children to hate or judge. I have a variety of friends and family members from different backgrounds.  I have relatives and friends of various races, political backgrounds, economic backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexualities. I appreciate each of them for who they are, and I would never presume to change them or impose my views on them, nor would I hope they would desire to impose theirs on me. Some things I may not understand, while some things they may not.


Taking away our right to bear arms will not stop fanatics and terrorists from carrying out their acts of evil and hate.  They will always find a way, so why take away good law-abiding American citizens right to protect and defend themselves and those they love? On April 15, 2013 when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev plotted at the Boston Marathon it wasn’t a mass shooting-it was a precisely executed terrorist attack utilizing two pressure cooker bombs. It was horrific and filled with evil, hate, and ignorance. Did they have guns? Yes. But the bombs were their main weapon. A person full of hate set on a certain path will find a way to commit their crimes with or without guns. Laws on no laws.


Legalizing gay marriage doesn’t mean everyone in the country is going to suddenly be okay with it-but that shouldn’t matter. Everyone has the right to their own opinions, and I have as little right to change those of anyone else as they do mine. Some will always believe it is a sin while others will always believe it isn’t-and then there will be others who never care at all. You can’t change what lies in a persons heart-the individual is the only one who has that ability and right. Laws and protests, speeches and sermons-none of them matter unless the person chooses somewhere deep inside to change. Change is possible, yes-but it is not a guarantee nor can it be required.

Changing and or banning flags will not make anything better for anyone. How is it that the LGBTQ flag is acceptable, yet the confederate flag is not? What makes one better than the other? Don’t both offend someone somewhere? No matter what one does, whether you like it or not, there will always be someone out there offended. Taking TV shows off of the air won’t change anything either. Three weeks ago I didn’t see anyone screaming for The Dukes of Hazzards removal from television, shouting racism from the rooftops. In fact, I never in my life heard one negative remark against the show until it was portrayed in the media in a negative light. That is ignorance. Allowing the media to dictate what is and is not acceptable-it is ridiculous. Joe blow never gave a rats behind about it until some imbecile on TV said you should. Why are we allowing the media to spread discord like wildfire?

Passing new laws won’t change anything. If a person has decided to hate, they will hate-as ugly as that is, it is true. We have the power to form our own lives into anything we wish-so why is everyone still so concerned with what everyone else is doing. Live and let live. You don’t have to like the opinions, beliefs, actions of others but if they are doing no harm, no one and I do mean no one has the right to infringe on their rights. This is the United States of America-so when did it stop being the home of the free?


A Night Wish


My wish for everyone tonight is this- sleep well and try to let the worries and stress of the day melt away as your heads meet your pillows and allow your hearts to be lightened- if only for a little while.

I know for many the night is just beginning- whether you are headed to work or travelling or up with little ones – try to find the calm in the night and take comfort in it.

Goodnight everyone.