A Busy Sunday Funday


Good morning all! We have a whole lot going on over the next few weeks including several doctors appointments (some for me, and some for the kids), meetings, and house hunting(we need more room!). Busy busy we are!

Knowing how nuts everything is going to be for a while, I decided this weekend I would use Sunday to get prepared-as best I can anyway. Meal prepping, laundry, and overall household organization are my missions for the day. I spent Friday and Saturday gathering supplies-though I still managed to forget a couple things lol but no worries I will make a run back to the store for the last necessary essentials.

Later I  will be dedicating a whole post to the slow cooker freezer meals I have selected (how-to, supplies, recipes, etc.), and then a post geared toward my household organization, which will include some purging, reselling, and donating.

Very excited to share all of this with you guys! Please stay tuned!


Wisdom Teeth and A New Road


Well I disappeared for a little while I know. My apologies. For those of you who have kept visiting my page and liking my statuses on facebook and twitter I greatly appreciate it.

I just had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted -not so much fun really, but it did afford me a teeny tiny break from my usual SAHM routine. I got to nap all day afterwards! Woohoo! Yea baby! lol I haven’t done that since I had that horrific stomach flu a few months ago-and that was no picnic. But this little surgery, that was kind of, well, nice. They knocked me out for the removal, and loaded me up with the necessary pain meds to manage once I got home. Honestly, stiffness and some slight swelling is all I have had to complain about post-op. I’m on the mend.

Meanwhile, all of my children are having some sort of evil sinus crud- thankfully no fevers though! Admittedly I am tired but we’re making it, and their cute little runny noses are slowly drying up. My husband has been on the road for over two weeks now and most likely won’t be home for another two at least. I really do appreciateĀ him and all that he does but sometimes I just really wish I could take a break. No kids for a day you know. I love them so much, of course but I’m really wearing down here. Despite my father in law and cousins efforts to help when they can I really feel like I am just drowning in isolation, but this time alone has really given me a chance to reflect on a lot that I have been dealing with, for years now to be honest with you. I am not going to get in to a lot of it right now but I have decided to seek help from my doctor.

I’ve fought against anxiety, attention issues, and hyperactivity since I was a kid. These things have only gotten worse as I have gotten older and had children. I’m finding that I can no longer manage them on my own. I do need help, and after talking to my husband and my mother I am going outside of my comfort zone to talk to my doctor. It’s a start at least. I need to get to the bottom of these issues and learn how to manage them as an adult with children.

I am certain I do not have post partum depression but I know something isn’t right-it hasn’t been right since long before the kids were born. I have had serious reservations about speaking to an outside party-I’m so afraid that I’ll be judged, or labeled, or even scoffed at. I don’t want that but I know that it’s time to talk to someone. Something I probably should have done years ago.

Please bare with me on this new road. I’m not certain what lies ahead but I am positive about my direction. As I learn more about myself I hope that I can share it with all of you and perhaps even help some of those that have been experiencing similar issues.

Just a Touch of Courage


I have been having trouble with my energy levels lately, and have generally just been feeling kind of blah. Yes, I am super busy with the kids but I’ve noticed it has been so much more than that-and, I know why.

All of the junk I’ve been eating lately has really had a negative impact on my energy levels, and overall feelings of well-being-and my waistline, go figure. I touched on this a few posts ago, and have made some minor adjustments-like cutting out sodas-but, I think I need to be more aggressive if I want to see and feel some results. 

That being said, today I am going to give this sugar and caffeine detox thing a try. No sugar period, including artificial sweeteners. I am only going to drink water, and unsweetened decaffeinated coffee and teas.  I am feeling really good about this. I remember how great I felt after my first child was born and I completed the same detox. I want to feel like that again and I know what I have to do!

I’ve also stocked up on some healthy snacks and meal options including:

-almond butter
-baby carrots
-broccoli florets
-Greek yogurt
-chicken breast
-whole wheat bread
-whole wheat tortillas

I am terrible about skipping meals and just snacking on random junk throughout the day. I am determined to make myself eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with healthy snacks in between. Determined.

Also, don’t make fun of me- but I am start-well truthfully re-starting Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD today. The last time I think I barely completed 2 days. I want to be healthy though-for me and for my family. I am a little shy but I am considering posting a before pic along with this post to help me stay motivated and accountable. We’ll see by the time I finish this post lol.

Honestly I am kind of excited about this. I know I can do it, I’ve just never really put the effort in before. I know the kids will definitely enjoy this journey too-they find watching me jump around and do all of the exercises on the DVD hilarious. Hey, if they are happy, I am happy!


Oh wow. I’ve never been brave enough to take a picture like that. I won’t even let my husband take pics at the beach! That’s over now. I am going to own my mom bod. And just focus on creating a healthy lifestyle and however that effects my body-we call see! Positive and happy all the way!